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Last Update on 12-02-17


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Pétanque - Would you like to play Pétanque?

The Llancarfan Society have a pétanque piste just below the Llancarfan Lawn Tennis Club court.


Residents of the local area can use this to play pétanque free of charge.


The Society would like to see the pétanque piste utilised more and are in the process of setting up a pétanque league for teams of local residents.


To see our proposal for this, see here.



If interested, please send an email to llancarfansociety@gmail.com with the word Pétanque as the subject.


Pétanque is an easy, non-strenuous way of passing the odd hour or so and is suitable for all ages.


You can find a copy of the "Simple Rules of Pétanque or Boules" here.


Andy Farquharson